Monday, September 20, 2010


OK, so I have to cop to the fact that I had a meltdown yesterday.

My lovely husband went out and bought us each a heart rate monitor.

The problem - the one that I received seems to me to be ridiculously complicated with 8 million different options.  After 20 minutes of trying to get the damn thing to work while sitting at our kitchen table I give up and throw a really childish hissy fit. Poor husband makes numerous and very reasonable suggestions of how I could still go with him to the track so we can do our 1 mile walk/run to see how much progress we've made this week, but no go.

I refuse all suggestions and help.

Too frustrated.

I'm so aggravated and frustrated by the stupid heart rate monitor that I throw the damn thing back in its plastic package and then tell my poor upset husband to go without me...that I'm just going to the gym since it's pointless to go to the track without the heart rate monitor.

(Please note...I have since apologized to poor husband several times for my rather overblown response. Hopefully he's forgiven me by now...)

Despite my rather ridiculous meltdown I have a good workout on the elliptical trainer yesterday - my best yet, in fact.

2.5 miles in 35 minutes (previous best = 2.02 miles in 33 minutes)

And today at weigh-in...drum roll please...

Down another 8 sticks of butter!

What a very excellent way to start the week.

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