Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Fitness Challenge...Day 2

So, the pinkie knuckle on my right hand...not fractured!

Whew! Big sigh of relief.

The doctor at the Medical Center says to me after reviewing my x-rays, "Well, I really thought we were going to see something awful in there, but you're all clear. And lucky. Just ice it more this week and you'll be fine."

Today's exercise - 30 minutes/2 miles on the dreaded elliptical trainer.

*wheeze wheeze*

*pant pant*

(although I must say that even with the wheezing and panting all of this cardio work is apparently paying the nurse says that my blood pressure and pulse are "perfect." This is full of the awesome since earlier this year - when I was carrying around an extra 112 sticks of butter - my lifelong low to perfect blood pressure had actually started to go up! Aaaiiieeee!!!)

And today's food intake - outstanding.

(Well, 99% outstanding... there were homemade rice crispy treats at work today and I will cop to having indulged in three large bites. Scrumptious! Could have gone for more, but the three bites satisfied my desire for the taste...)

Tonight, I'm making pan seared chicken with roasted tomatillo salsa for dinner...if only that darn husband of mine would get home.


Also tonight - updating my Fall Fitness Challenge journal to record my food intake and exercise.

And tomorrow...ZUMBA!!!

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