Thursday, September 16, 2010

FFC Day 5 and BMI

Fall Fitness Challenge - Day 5

So, I hate Zumba, but I really like working with the personal trainer, D. She's very young, very sweet and she just about killed me with the stuff she was having me do this morning...but she did it in such a nice, sweet way. 

Much of our time together this morning is devoted to "core" work...basically, trying to tone up and get rid of Bernice (y'all remember Bernice, right? That entity who inhabits my middle - the stomach that at one point was so big I couldn't actually see past her to see my toes...) Lots of different kinds of crunches (ugh!) and planks and mat work that works my middle section.

A few times poor D wants me to do 10 reps of something and....ummmm....yeah...not so much. I collapse after 3 reps! But D says cheerfully, "OK, take a quick rest and we'll try 5 more." Very nice - she's working me hard, but also willing to meet me at my level and work from there.

Bernice's opinion of personal trainer D?

Yeah, Bernice is not liking her too much.

Well, screw you, Bernice! You're goin' dooowwwwnnnn!


Anyone out there not familiar with the term "BMI"?  It stands for "Body Mass Index." According to the "Diet and Fitness Today" website:
The Body Mass Index or BMI is a method of classifying whether an individual is overweight, underweight, obese or normal weight based only on their height and weight and does not use gender specific information.
The BMI values correspond to the following body analysis:
  • Underweight, BMI = <18.5
  • Normal weight, BMI = 18.5-24.9
  • Overweight, BMI = 25-29.9
  • Obesity, BMI = 30 or greater
The website has a BMI calculator for anyone who wants to know their BMI.

My stats so far:

Starting BMI (at my heaviest weight ever): 35.14
BMI now: 30.86

While I'm still in the "Obesity" camp - it's not for much longer. I just have to shed another 36 sticks of butter to get me in the 25-29.9 Overweight range. And, eventually, when I shed a total of 164 sticks of butter that will put me in the "Normal weight" category!

So, still a ways to go to get to normal and healthy, but I'm on my way!!!

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