Monday, December 27, 2010


Well, it's been an interesting few weeks here in my little corner of the world.

Was sick, sick, sick in the weeks leading up to Christmas. No gym. No eating plan. Just weeks of spotty eating and trying to feel better. Finally felt OK on Christmas Eve Day. Had a great holiday weekend with family, although very unfortunately overindulged on Christmas Day.

Really overindulged.

Kind of to the point that my stomach was very unhappy with me for a while.

It's not that I ate anything especially horrific. I wasn't like downing Twinkies  and Ho-hos and Big Macs (eeeuuuwwww). Instead,  it really just came down to quantity.

Too much.

Too much crudites and light dip. Too many little rice crackers with hummus. Too many multi-grain chips with salsa. Too many olives (although, can one really ever have too many olives???)

And, OK, I will also cop to the worst item of the day...too much cheese. (Yeah, it's true...I've never met a cheese that I didn't like.)

Too much of everything.

And why? Why this overindulgence? (Besides the obvious, "It's Christmas" answer.)

Because I didn't make a plan.

I didn't make a plan to just have one small plate of appetizers. I didn't make a plan to sit far away from the appetizers.

And because the appetizers were on the coffee table and I was plunked within arms reach of them and because I just grazed all afternoon. And grazed. And grazed. And grazed. Which when you've been eating normal small portions for many months is just not good for your tummy or lower GI system.

And then I had a full dinner on top of all of the grazing.


So that was Christmas.

Yesterday and today have been fine. No eating plan, but have eaten very responsibly. Feeling pretty good.

And tomorrow...finally back to the gym after a two-week break for illness and holiday.

So, there we are.

Hope y'all had a lovely Christmas weekend.

More soon.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sick sick sick

Still pretty under the weather (along with just about everyone in my office and my poor husband...)

So not much news by way of weight loss: no gym this week, no real meal planning. Food has consisted of: soup, bananas, tangerines, protein bars, Chinese food here and there.

Hope you'll visit my other blog In the present moment for an adoption update.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Still kinda low

I'm fighting off something.

So, it's no wonder I was feeling low on Saturday. There's some little bug in my system trying to have its way, but I'm fighting it with lots of Vitamin C and the like. Go away, bug! You are not welcome in this body!!

On a more positive note...went to the gym yesterday. And before my monster workout I actually weighed myself. Yeah, after Bernice made me eat all of that dessert while we were traveling last week (oh, and she convinced me that crab bisque was a good idea, too! That Bernice is very persuasive when she wants to be...well, and when I let her...) I was completely and totally dreading getting on the scale. Was 100% convinced that I had added a few pounds back onto my frame.

But, guess what?

No weight gain!!

No weight gain!!

Guess all of that exercise while on vacation paid off!

Now it's back to taking weight off. I'm not ready by any means to be in maintenance mode. There are still a lot of sticks of butter left to melt away before I'm at a normal BMI.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must go drown this stupid bug in more Vitamin C...

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I'm feeling kinda low.

Physically and mentally.

Physically because I haven't been back to the gym since we arrived home from FL, which is only two days. But still. That's two days of no exercise. I'm sure that this is contributing to being mentally a little low, too. I won't go into all of the reasons that I'm feeling this way, but suffice to say...

I really need to snap out of it.

Two plus days of feeling low is just plain getting old.

Usually by now on a Saturday I would have finished my Low-n-Loaded class and would be sitting on a recumbent bike burning up the miles, but I had insomnia last night. So, I didn't actually get out of bed until 8:30...right about the time my Low-n-Loaded friends were probably sweating up a storm and wishing fervently that instructor D would let them stop for a minute. (Yeah, like THAT would ever happen.)

But today my motivation seems to be elsewhere...maybe still in bed where I'd like to be.

Chris is off at spin class this morning. No doubt sweating like a mad man while burning up the miles and the calories.

So, Folks, it's time that I get my unmotivated butt off of this couch and off to the gym. Bernice, too. She has about a million crunches to do today to make up for missing the last two days.

Needless to say...Bernice is not happy.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Back from Florida

Traveling, restaurant food for 5 days, a wedding and a birthday celebration all in one weekend.

So, basically my eating was...ummmm...somewhat less than perfect.

There was a lot of dessert involved. Chocolate mousse, cheesecake, chocolates.

Yeah. Bernice was in heaven.

Once Bernice got a taste of that cheesecake she pushed for ALL of her favorites. There was an order of sweet potato fries in which she and I thoroughly indulged. And I mean THOROUGHLY. There wasn't a fry left on that plate! (Not actually so proud of that particular decision. Damn you, Bernice! But what's done is done and today is a do-over... )

However, for the first time EVER the husband and I brought exercise clothes with us and exercised all but one of the days we were on vacation. Hell, yesterday we were up at 6:30 a.m. (6:30!!!!!) on our last day of vacation so we could get in our exercise before an early breakfast with my folks before they hit the road.

Who woulda thunk it??? Us, up at 6:30 on vacation??? Holy crapballs. We have changed.

Bernice was pretty pissed about the whole thing. She was lobbying for sleeping and then cheesecake for breakfast.

So, hopefully the vacation workouts at least offset some of the less-than-stellar eating that happened this past week/weekend. I'm not exactly looking forward to getting on the scale this coming Monday, but hopefully the next 4 days of reasonable eating and my regular exercise routine will help prevent a significant gain.

Bernice is bumming in a big way about being back at home. She was really enjoying all of that fattening stuff.

Sorry, Bernice.

Friday, December 3, 2010


I've been feeling a little "off" this week.

Tummy troubles over the weekend continued into the week - so much so that I took two days off from the gym. Monday and Tuesday I just went to work and kind of laid low at home.

Made it to the gym the last three days, although I must admit that my energy just hasn't been there at all. I sort of slogged through my workouts.

And yesterday...omigod. Horrible.

Anyone ever have that dream where you're desperately trying to run somewhere, but you find yourself running in slow motion and the faster you try to run the slower you actually go?

That was me.

Trying to workout yesterday felt something akin to exercising in a vat of molasses. My arms and legs just didn't want to do what I wanted them to do. Slow. Sluggish. Leaden. I managed 30 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes of heavy bag work, but it was brutal. Every minute felt like an hour and at the end it all I just wanted to go home and lay down. Not exactly the energizing workout I was hoping for!

This morning's workout was a little better...but not much.

Hope to have better news to report next time.

Hope y'all are having a good week.