Sunday, September 19, 2010

FFC Day 7...Saturation

I have reached saturation today.

Not only with the Fitness Challenge, but with life in general.

Between FFC, my insane job and LIFE, there hasn't been much down time at all this week. Yesterday we were at an all day family event which, while fun, was also...well...all day. Had to be social and charming and on all day.

And we're getting together with dear friends later today.  More on time.

But before seeing our friends at 4:00 p.m. we need to: walk and/or run 1 mile on the track per our personal trainer to see where we are time-wise after Week 1 of the Challenge, go to the gym to get in some more exercise, plan meals for the week, grocery shop, food prep, laundry, and some work related to our adoption that has to be done by tomorrow and that will take a good chunk of the afternoon.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and in need of some time to just  s.t.o.p.

So, of course, the thing that I most want to skip is the exercise, but I know that I cannot. That's the piece that has to stay consistent and since I took this past Wednesday off from exercise, taking today off is simply not an option. (And, of course, at the all day event yesterday I ate a lot...nothing outrageous, but I grazed throughout the day and did not track my food so god only knows how many calories I some exercise is necessary since tomorrow is a weigh-in day...sigh.)

So, I'll guess stop my whining and bitching now and go throw on my gym clothes.



  1. You're doing great Jen. I am inspired by your dedication! In fact, I'll walk today too! Kelly

  2. Hey, Kelly,

    Thanks for the good words. Glad to be an inspiration even when I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself. Hope you had a great walk!

  3. You can do this Jenn.

    Now is the time to choose you battles.

    Perhaps in the future leave a bit early from all-day family events, also let your loved ones know that you'll be less in contact during this FFC, etc.

    We all love you and are ecstatic that you're getting healthy (not to mentioned totally inspired!). You can do this I know. Just take it one step at a time and let go of some of your normal routines during this FFC. I for one will totally understand.