Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Fitness Challenge...Day 3

The Challenge is not starting off so well today.


Because our f@#%ing cat, Cecil, decides that we need to be up at 5:05 this morning when we are not actually planning to be up until just after 6:00.

She rattles the closet doors, knocks stuff over, whines and basically makes a complete nuisance of herself while we are trying to sleep. Chris squirts her a few times with the squirt bottle, but this does not deter the little wretch. She runs out of the room. However, within minutes...she's baaaack...and up to her same noise making aggravation.


Finally, at 5:40 I hop out of bed to chase her all over the house with the squirt bottle. Squirting her repeatedly hardly makes me feel any better. And worse, of course, this course of action only really succeeds in waking me fully and making me feel even more annoyed than when I was laying in bed being annoyed by all of the noise.


So, now I'm feeling grumpy.

Super grumpy.

But, oh well...gotta suck it up and get over it. Long day ahead of me.

Chris is at his personal training session. (Mine isn't until Thursday.) So, it's off to the shower for me and then I'll make our lunches.

More later today...after ZUMBA!!!

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