Wednesday, September 22, 2010

FFC Day 10

I did push ups today.

OK, not like on the ground, real, awful push-ups like you see military guys and super in shape people do at the gym.

But I did do two sets of push-ups involving a stability ball. And they were hard! And I did a bunch!

OK, well, a "bunch" being like two sets of 8, which is about 15 more than I've ever done before in my entire life. 

Basically, personal trainer E really kicked my butt today using that stability ball.

And what did we discover today as I did push-ups and other stability ball work?

Yeah...ummm...that I am SUPER UNCOORDINATED.

This is nothing that I didn't know about myself, but I E was kind of looking at me funny and I'm sure she was thinking something along the lines of, "You poor pitiful thing" as I tried desperately not to fall off the stability ball (and failed several times at the not-falling-off-the-stability-ball part of my personal training session.)

Still, I survived my second personal training session. That's a victory right there.

Only 8 more to go.

Dear God. Please help me.


  1. Jenifer I really enjoy reading about your journey - you're doing great!!!
    Pam (from the team)

  2. Thanks, Pam! based on Andy's notes to us this week, sounds like it's going well for just about everyone. Can't wait to hear about others' successes, too! See you on Friday for treadmill intervals (help!) with Andy...