Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FFC Day 3 (part 2)...and Day 4

Fall Fitness Challenge - Day 3 (part 2)


Yeah...ummm...hate it.

I take a spot at the back of the class. It's crowded. The music is really fast. The instructor, a bouncy blonde with a perky smile, doesn't really tell the class what to do she just does it and seems to expect everyone to just catch on. By the time I figure out what the hell she is doing and I get my feet sort of doing the steps...she's already moved on to another step!


So, not only am I frustrated, I'm also not sweating or getting any kind of cardio work out because I'm not moving very much.

Screw this.

I walk out after just 10 minutes and head to my trusty treadmill for a two mile hill-interval walk.

Fall Fitness Challenge - Day 4

Not much to report out today. A day of rest from the gym. I ate responsibly. first session with the personal trainer.

Hopefully this will be a better experience than Zumba...

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