Thursday, September 2, 2010


When I was in my early 30s I wasn't in great shape or the thinnest I've ever been, but I was exercising and eating right.

And when I sat down on the floor with my legs extended in front of me I could grab my feet and almost touch my nose to my knees. I was moderately flexible at that time.

Not anymore. Ten years and a lot of sticks of butter later...not so flexible.

Earlier this year I could barely touch my toes at all!


There was this ridiculously gigantic belly in the way.

A belly so huge that it seemed like its own entity....something vaguely alien and unwelcome... I named her "Bernice."

When it came to flexibility, Bernice didn't let my nose get even remotely close to my knees! In fact, at the beginning of this year I could barely bend over at all.  When I was "stretching" in a seated position I ended up almost completely vertical with the tips of my fingers straining to even reach my toes...that's how in the way Bernice was!

Today, I'm pleased to report that Bernice is becoming less and less of an impediment. While my nose isn't once again close friends with my knees, I can at least reach down and grab my feet without any trouble at all. And from a standing position I can bend over to place my hands almost flat on the floor.


The return of flexibility.

I know that I have a ways to go before Bernice is gone from my life, but she's definitely on the way out.

Goodbye, Bernice...

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