Sunday, September 5, 2010


So, our gym is offering a 10-week "Fall Fitness Challenge" that includes:
  • 10 personal training sessions
  • 10 group training sessions
  • 6 team challenges (there will be one team from each of the 4 gyms in our gym network)
  • Fat/body-composition analysis
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • Prizes and an end of challenge banquet (with healthy food, of course...)
Apparently in past challenges participants have lost an average of 13% of their body weight during the 10 weeks.


I really want to do this.

I mean I REALLY want to do this. I've been happy with my progress to date, but I must admit that I could use a huge push when it comes to my exercise routine. I tend not to stray too far from what I usually do (treadmill, stationary bike, upper and lower body lifting.) I have yet to take a class at my gym or utilize a personal trainer. This Fall Fitness Challenge is the push that I need to get me to the "next level" of fitness and weight loss.

But my challenge is...drum roll please: my job.


I'm heading into the busiest time of year for me. Lots of client meetings and presentations all over the state so I have to be up and out crazy early to get to where I need to go. And chances are that no matter how much I say that I'm not going to work late this year... I probably will.


So, my time for anything other than work is

I hate it that I have to even question whether or not I can do something like this Fall Fitness Challenge (which I know will be SOOOOO good for me) because of my job. For the last 4 years my job has been all-consuming from August through December. Recently my parents wanted to come for a visit one weekend in October and I told them not to come because I would just be too damn tired to be a good hostess.

How sad is that???

My life seems to get put on hold during the busy season and I hate that.

My fabulously motivated husband has already signed up for the challenge. Another reason that I want to do this is because it's something fun and interesting that we can do together. A continuation of the hard work we've already put in this last 6 weeks. I really want to do this with him.

But I'm afraid that I'll let him and the team down because of this crazy job of mine. Afraid that I'll miss team training sessions or team challenges or that I won't make it to the gym the required 5 times per week. I don't want to be that one team member who lets everyone else down.


Man this pisses me off!

I don't want to be afraid. I don't want to miss an opportunity to do something really good for myself, for my health, for my marriage, and for my ability to be an active, healthy mom when our Schmoopie finally arrives.

I have a few days left to figure all of this out.

I just hate that it's so challenging to sign up for this challenge.


  1. That fitness challenge does sound great. Even though work is about to get extremely busy, is it your choice whether or not to work late? If it is, then maybe this year you could put yourself in front of the job. Or is working late kind of expected? Is this something you could speak to your employer about? I hope it works out so that you can do it, you sound very excited. Good luck!

  2. Tammy - thanks for the good words. Working late is sort of a necessity at this time of the year because I'm on the road so much. Sometimes the only time I can do all of my follow up is in the evenings. But I want to try to avoid some of that by loading up my car with thank you cards and some of my other supplies so I can get some follow-up things done between presentations/client meetings. I chatted with my husband this evening and decided that I'm going to sign up for the challenge.

  3. Jennifer,
    You can do this! Make it your date time! You take care of you first!Treat it like It's your most important client. Love ya! Vicki