Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday - FFC week 5 Day 7

Last gas left in the tank.

I just CRASHED last night. Big time.

I leave the office a bit early thinking that I'll head home to get some stuff done before Team Training at the gym, but I can hardly keep my eyes open on the drive home and my arms and legs feel like they have lead weights in them. After my totally crazy work week, the big workout I put in the night before and the fall allergies that have been plaguing me all week, I realize upon arriving at home that I just don't have anything left.

Completely running on empty.

So I call and leave a message saying that I'm not feeling well, climb into my jammies, and hit the couch.

Doze through two movies.

Then go to bed.

As a result of a night off from Fall Fitness Challenge Team Training and a decent night's sleep, I arrive this morning at "Low-n-Loaded" feeling pretty good. I still don't quite make it through every single exercise, but I definitely see signs of improvement. A move that instructor D had us do 5 weeks ago that at the time left me sucking wind after only 15 I'm able to make it almost all the way through the interval and only have to march in place for the last 15 seconds.

It feels like a HUGE victory!

I'm getting stronger everyday. There are little signs of improvement all of the time.

Today after class I don't just head home, but because I feel rested and good, I hit the treadmill for 2.37 miles. And not just 2.37 miles of a gentle walk. Instead, I ramp up the speed to 4 mph and the incline to 2%. Doing this after a class would have been absolutely UNTHINKABLE just a few short weeks ago, but today...I decide that since I had missed Team Training last night that I should get in the cardio that I missed.

Big changes. 

How about you? What changes are you noticing in your weight loss journey?


  1. Keep up the great work Jenn! xoGG

  2. Jennifer, you are doing so well!!! What an awesome workout you had and much improvement over where you were a few weeks ago. I am so freaking happy for you right now, I can't stop smiling! I'm also glad you were able to zonk out and get some much needed rest.

    I've been improving myself. As you know, I've been a walking machine over the last couple of weeks. Although I am averaging 5000 steps a day now (up from 3000/day a few weeks ago), I need to work on endurance. Instead of two 10 or 15 minute sessions with a break in between, I need to start walking for 30 minutes at a time with no breaks. Small steps, but the point is to keep moving forward.

    You're making great strides. Enjoy the feeling that doing good for body leaves you with.

  3. Hey Jennifer -- We missed you at the team training last night, but sounds like you felt pretty bad. I'm fighting a cold myself and feel lousy this afternoon, but will be at boot camp no matter what! I know there will be a lot of things that I can't do in the boot camp, but I will find a way to exercise and do my part for the team. So no worries if some of it is too much; just being there is half the battle!

    see you tomorrow. Elizabeth