Thursday, October 14, 2010

A better day today

Eating today...not so terrible. Not fantastic. But not like yesterday.

And exercise today - AWESOME.

Yep, 25 minutes of lower body weight lifting on the cable machines. Went for heavier weights this session.

Then it was on to the rowing machine where I pounded out 1,000 meters! (OK, don't actually be too terribly impressed by that...1,000 meters takes like 6 minutes. However, I find the rowing machine to be very challenging and I'm not really all that fond of it, so I was pleased to have stayed on for 6 minutes and 1,000 meters. )

And then I forced myself on to one of the recumbent bikes for 45 minutes and 16.29 miles.

So, one day of not-so-great choices and an overabundance of calories is not going to derail me.

Just need to keep reminding myself: 

Failure is not an option...but neither is perfection.

Everyday is a new opportunity to make healthy choices.


  1. Way to go on the great workout Jennifer. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog too.

  2. B - thanks! And it was my pleasure to leave a comment on your blog. What an inspiring story!