Thursday, October 7, 2010

Out of steam

I pretty much poop out this morning half-way through my personal training session.

"Did you eat breakfast?" personal trainer D asks me.

Um...yeah...that'd be a big fat "no."

A concerned D explains to me the importance of eating before a workout especially in the morning. There's something about "liver enzymes" and muscles and calories in the lecture she gives me, but most of it washes over. Mostly I'm thinking, "I know that I'm supposed to eat breakfast before I come to the gym, but it makes me so NAUSEOUS."

Then I find myself expressing the thought that is in my head about feeling nauseous when eating so early.

Throughout the remainder of our session while I'm huffing and puffing and desperately trying to get through the torturous sets, we converse about what I could be eating before my workouts. Toward the end of the session I decide that maybe I could drink some calories in the mornings. Some kind of protein shake maybe. Maybe that won't upset my stomach the way solid food seems to...

D gives me some suggestions of places I can go to look for protein shakes. Personal trainer E, working with another client, pipes up from the next bench over about adding some oatmeal to the shake to make sure it has the right balance of pre-workout carbs and protein.

So, I'll give it a try.


Mostly, I think I'm just kind of out of steam because my job has really ramped up. Breakfast or no breakfast I wake up each day knowing that it's going to be crazy and feeling kind of mentally/emotionally/physically exhausted before the day even starts.

And I'm not nearly done with the busy season...two and half months yet to go.

I can't be out of steam yet...but I kinda am.

I'm really tired.

Out of steam.

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