Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Blues

Warning: This is a whiny post.

So I'm kinda feeling blue today.

"Why?" you ask.

(And thank you for asking...)

Well, number one last night as I'm getting ready for bed: a massive allergy attack.

This attack has just everything: dry eyes that I want to claw out of my head, sneezing like you wouldn't believe, headache, and stuffy and drippy all at the same time. Down 3 Benadryl tablets that barely even touch this horror show. I head out to the living room so as not to keep my very pooped spouse awake with all of the snorting, sniffling, nose blowing and sneezing going.

Which leads me to the second reason I'm feeling blue today: not only does the Benadryl not really do much to stop the allergy attack, but it doesn't even knock me out.

So, to add insult to injury: insomnia.

Couldn't fall asleep for the longest time and didn't manage to hit any kind of deep sleep through the night. Am feeling foggy-headed this a.m. and pretty grumpy.

Which brings me to the third reason for feeling blue: did not exercise this morning because I was too beat and now I have to pack a gym bag so that I can get my exercise in this evening.

Oh, just my favorite time of the day to exercise!

And last, but certainly not least in the Why-Jenn-is-Blue-and-Grumpy-on-this-Grey-Monday-Morning: weigh-in day!


Weigh-in did not go well. True the number on the scale was down from last week so yay, but down only by .6 pounds. Not so great.

So, there ya have it, People...a very whiny post from a blue and grouchy blogger.

Hope you'll please accept my apologies, I'll be in a better mood later on and I'll come back with something a bit more on the cheerful and optimistic side soon...

** Addendum **

OK, I just did the BMI calculation and I feel better because I just realized that I am only 16 sticks of butter away from finally no longer being classified as "obese." That means that by the end of this Fall Fitness Challenge, my BMI will be in the high 20s where it hasn't been for quite some time. This is definitely full of The Awesome.

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