Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Healthy Tip #1 - Do NOT stay up until 1 a.m. two nights in a row and expect to drag one's fat butt to the gym the next morning.

Basically - Get. Enough. Sleep.


Tonight I'm in bed at a reasonable hour. No more of this 1 a.m. nonsense.

Chris is a better man than me. He goes to the gym this morning despite two rather late nights in a row. Although after he leaves I feel way too guilty to stay in bed. So I haul my keester out of our comfy bed and out of the lovely air conditioning to stumble into the hot, muggy kitchen where I make our lunches.

"So, how was the gym?" I ask Chris upon his return.

"It was OK," he says in that "it was OK" kinda voice.

I raise a questioning eyebrow at him so he elaborates, "There were a coupla really big guys ahead of me on the machines. The kind of guys with their neck veins popping out and doing all of the stuff that required them to go 'RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR' [he does a kind of muscle pose, jaw clenched to illustrate] so I ended up having to wait around."

Kinda sorry that I missed the a vein-popping-heavy-lifting-RRRRRRRR-guys at the gym this a.m. I always marvel at how totally ridiculous they look. But, I must confess, it is pretty frickin' impressive watching them lift those crazy weights. 

So we have our healthy breakfast - green bean and sun dried tomato mini-frittatas. I choke down a glass of V8 juice with mine.

Do you think that someday I'll actually learn to like V8 juice?

Is there anyone in the free world who really likes this wretched concoction???

On the South Beach Diet menu for today:

Morning snack - large handful of almonds, cashews & pistachios + celery & green beans
Lunch - large salad with Buffalo chicken (not fried - grilled)
Afternoon Snack - tomatoes & string cheese
Dinner - quick beef fajitas and some kind of vegetable
Dessert - homemade macaroons! Yum!

So, that's the news from Weight Loss Central this morning. I'll hit the gym on my way home from work this evening since I couldn't be bothered to get my butt there this morning.

Today's affirmation:

Everyday is a new opportunity to make healthy choices.


  1. You meals sound yummy! Wish I ate meat...

    you GO girl!

    ~ G2

  2. G2 - I'll send you some of the recipes so you can make them for your other meat-consuming half!

    B - really? It's like drinking cold tomato soup. Yech! But I know it's good for me. I keep hoping that eventually I'll like it...