Monday, August 16, 2010

New blog...New way of life

OK, so I never thought that I'd ever be one of those bloggers who has two blogs...

Then again, I never thought that I'd have even one blog, noodle around on Facebook, be addicted to an iPhone, live on the East Coast, or weigh more than 200 pounds.

Who knew?

All of these things...

They are my reality.

So, here I am starting yet another blog to record yet another journey...this one the road to weight loss and fitness. My plan for this blog is to:
  • record my progress and be accountable to all of you
  • whine about my setbacks (and, sadly, there will be a few setbacks)
  • express my fears and my joys (hopefully more joys than fears)
  • share recipes and exercise tips that seem to work
  • offer inspiration
  • seek inspiration
And it's likely that I'll do more, but just as likely the "more" will evolve organically over the life of the blog.

Now, if you'll excuse me...much as I would like to write more I must dash. Breakfast to prep (for tomorrow) and then kitchen to be cleaned up and made ready for more healthy cooking!


  1. Go Jennifer! I constantly battle with my weight, so I know where you're coming from! I'm very proud of what you done so far :)

  2. Thanks for the good words, Beth! It's so hard, isn't it? I know that it must be extra hard when you have kids. Trying to start good habits now that we'll try to maintain with the arrival of our little Schmoopie. Keeping our fingers crossed that we can do it!