Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Part 2

"I really miss carbs today," Chris tells me over the phone.


"Yeah. Someone brought a box of donuts to the office. And when I went to get a diet soda the Hot Tamales were there and they were calling out to me," his voice sounds so wistful. "But I stayed strong and I didn't have either of them."

"Yaaaaay!" I cry happily into the phone.

"Yeeeaahhh," he says, sounding sort of pitiful.

"Just think of all of the hard work you've put in and how those donuts will undo it all."

"I know, I know."

My poor HoneyBunny.

I know, too.

It sucks being the one left out of the sandbox...watching everyone else play but you.

I'm not missing donuts ad Hot Tamales right now (surprisingly), but what I am missing is fruit. I'm in the grocery store this evening picking up a few things when I pass by the green grapes. Dear God. I'm positive I start panting and drooling right there in the produce aisle!

I would happily kill someone right now for a handful of crisp, sweet green grapes... (well, maybe not kill someone - that's a little drastic to kill someone over fruit.)

But, like my husband, I stayed strong and resisted the green grapes.

I'll be so very glad when Monday rolls around and we start Phase 2 of the South Beach Diet..we can have fruit in limited quantities. Oh joy!!

Peel me a grape!

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  1. You guys are inspiring me. I think of you when shopping and cooking. While I'm not doing an particular diet, the calories are staying low and the portions are in control. Thank you!