Saturday, January 8, 2011


So, I step on the scale today at the gym.

Expecting the worst.

I mean...seriously...with three and a half weeks of no gym, not so great eating, Christmas and New Year's Eve eating on top of all of that. I figure I'll see a 3 or 4 pound gain. At least.

And so I step on the scale and...

I weigh exactly the same as I did before the holidays.


Is this some kind of Christmas/New Year miracle? I say as much to Chris when I get home.

"I we exactly the same as I did before the holidays! I mean..wwwhhhaaa???"

"Well," he replies, "you have been sick and not eating very much over the last few weeks."

"I know, but what I have been eating hasn't been so great!"

He shrugs.

So, it would appear that I have been given some kind of gift - perhaps a metabolism that has sped up a bit? And I'm not going to waste it by continuing to slide further into "not-so-great-eating."

I walked a brisk two miles on the treadmill to celebrate my no-gain. Chris and I are going out to our favorite Mexican restaurant with friends this evening and we've already made our plan of attack: we each get a salad and then split an order of chicken fajitas. Reasonable, yet delicious!

Life is good, folks. Woohoo!

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  1. I think I got a New Year Miracle too because I ate LOTS of bad food on my trip home to Ohio. They are foods I usually only get to have once a year and I worked out twice during vacation so I definitely think that helped. It's nice to know a few days of bad eating wasn't detrimental and it just motivates me to work harder to see a loss again!