Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spoke a little too soon

This little bug that I've been battling...thought last Friday I was pretty much over it.

So I went to work on Friday and ran errands, then Saturday did a bunch of cleaning and organizing, went to the gym and finished off the day with a fantastic concert: Marshall Crenshaw.

And came home with a sore throat again.


So my plans for de-Christmas the house and clean out the guest room got shelved.

I know this body so very well. If I push it when I'm feeling droopy with a sore throat I'll end up sick for weeks. Instead of doing anything productive, I planted myself on the couch with a book and a cat. No gym for me.

Then on Monday I felt OK again so I made a trip to the gym for a light walk on the treadmill and to work.

And then On Tuesday I wasn't feeling so good again. Went to work, but bagged the gym.

Then yesterday we had a snow day from work and so I stayed home. Slept and watched TV. And slept and watched TV.

And today I still have a little bit of a  sore throat, stopped up ears and I'm feeling droopy.


Oh, and did I mention that Chris is on Round 2 of this junk as well?

F@#$ing cold virus.


  1. Ugh. Feel better soon! Do (or don't do) whatever you need to do to get better.

  2. Same here, same here. I'm hoping that I've turned a corner and am on the mend now, but it remains to be seen. Hope you guys feel better soon. We need our energy!