Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Major changes

"No, you can't go back to sleep. C'mon, you're already awake. Let's go to the gym"

These are the words that my lovely husband speaks to me this morning at 5:40 a.m.

Never thought I'd hear those words from Chris - especially at 5:40 a.m. being that he's not exactly what you would call a "morning person," but he's changed his habits so much since The Pizza Days that here we are.

"Are we going to start saying stuff like 'BP' - 'Before Pizza' and 'AP' - 'After Pizza'" Chris jokes the other day when I say to him, "That was back during our Pizza Days."

Because the truth is that before we started on South Beach and then the Fall Fitness Challenge, Chris and I enabled each other's worst habits. I was always too tired to shop or cook. We never planned meals. We both worked long hours. At the end of a long day, with little or no healthy food in the house one of us would ask the inevitable, "What do you want to do for dinner?"

And 90% of the time...we'd go out or order in.

Pizza, Chinese, Buffalo wings...all the bad stuff. All of the time.

Is it any wonder we both got so fat?

But now...thanks to my husband's dedication to doing the meal planning and both of us shopping regularly, there's almost always something healthy to eat and so we have no reason to indulge in high-fat, unhealthy meals like we used to. And then there's my wonderful Chris urging me to not go back to sleep, but to to instead go to the gym with him.

Rather than enabling each other...Chris and I are now empowering each other to be healthy.

Do we miss pizza and Chinese food and Buffalo wings?

You bet.

But do we miss them enough to give up feeling good, losing weight, getting strong and living a healthy life.

No way.

The Pizza Days are over.


  1. Wow, you just decribed my life. Too tired to shop or cook, no meal planning and resulting in eating out or taking in. John and I still enable each other and still constantly say "what do you want for dinner." I'm trying to make changes and I know he wants to also, but he's just not trying as hard. I know I am responsible for what I eat, but it is so hard to always make healthier choices. Especially when we're low on healthy food and have no plan, John will opt for the frozen fish and fries. That's not good for me, but without other options around, I give in. Enough about me.

    I am so happy to see that there is hope. You and your husband have fought you're way out of this cycle and are proof it can be done. How freaking awesome! The pizza, chinese food and wings will always be there, they're not going anywhere. Continue with your hiatus from those foods and keep getting healthier and stronger. To have that kind of food very infrequent will feel much better than the old days. You're doing so great and you inspire me. Thank you.

  2. Sorry to hear that you and your hubby are struggling with enabling. It's so hard, isn't it? Chris and I did it for 10 years. You seem pretty determined to get this weight off, Tammy. Maybe you can be the great example for your hub and start making plans for dinners and making sure that there are always healthy options in the house. I wish you the best. It isn't easy when one person isn't "there" yet. Since Chris made up his mind to join me in weight loss, it has been about 158% easier.