Friday, November 5, 2010

Bernice is not happy!

For those of you new readers (if there are any new readers coming to visit here...) Bernice is my mid-section. She had gotten so big and cumbersome at one point not so long ago that she seemed like her own entity...thus, "Bernice" was "born."

But Bernice, for as stubborn as she is, is going away.

Today I lay on the mat doing my Bernice crunches. In between sets, I place my hand on my middle.

Not long ago when I would lay down, Bernice would be right there in her full, very round, mooshy un-glory. Sticking up - a big hill in my mid-section. And she would be laughing.

Well, Bernice isn't laughing anymore.

When I lay down these days...Bernice disappears.

Oh, how lovely to feel a flat mid-section when I lay down!!!

When I stand back up, Bernice returns, but in a very diminished state. She grumbles incessantly about this and tries her best to get me to eat things that I shouldn't so she can return to her full size. But I resist!!

At a client presentation last week there is a plate of pastries, which I try my best to ignore, but there's Bernice grumbling and moaning for a croissant. The smell just about makes me swoon, but I say to Bernice, "Uh-uh. No way. You are NOT getting croissant."

I won't repeat the terrible things she says in response. Too many expletives...

Bernice is going away.

Bernice is not happy.

Bye-bye, Bernice.

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  1. That's right, give Bernice the boot! Yey, way to go Jennifer! Glad to see you too are recovering from our fall off the wagon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.